Branding is more than a logo, design or slogan it is the essence of your company that defines you as being different. It is the culture of your people, the way you do things, express yourself as a business and like so many brands in your industry it is the way you stand out to your customers.

Unpuzzle will support you through your brand journey, from identifying with key stakeholders your point of difference to developing the foundations of your brand essence. Our re-branding process starts with understanding what sits at the very foundation of your business and ends with a comprehensive guide to introducing your brand at every level.

Having worked with many popular brands in many different industries, our branding team can guide you through every step of the process. This can ensure your new business brand is in the best possible position.

Five key steps to creating a brand

Understand what sits at the foundation of your business. What do you do that is different.

Know why your customers choose you over your competition from both an emotional level and product and price perspective.

Engage every level of your business.
Bring them along for the journey.

Develop your identity.
If your brand was a person, how would you identify with them.

Activate your brand.
Launch your brand to the world and live the brand in every way possible.

Examples of Our Branding Work