Marketing Automation

Streamline your marketing with Unpuzzle’s Connect365 software, a unique platform designed to communicate to your customers through email, mail and SMS.

Connect365 uses proven business rules designed to enhance your customer engagement, building a communication platform that enables your business to engage customers 365 days a year.

Automate Business Processes

Connect365 is much more than a marketing tool, it is a communication tool. Automate your business processes including compliance requirements, customer onboarding and arrears management through our Connect365 system. It can not only increase the response to your marketing activity but save your business time and money by enabling your processing staff to focus on revenue related activity.

Automate Payments and Receipts

Connect365 enables to remind customers when repayments or invoices are due, increasing your revenue and reducing your arrears management requirements. A simple email or SMS reminding customers that they have an upcoming commitment, not only enhances the relationship that you have with them, it also reduces the risk of payments falling into arrears.

Automate Return on Investment

Every automation through Connect365 is tracked and measured enabling your business to have a real time indication of return on investment. Every touch point in the system measures success, coupled with our analytical platform that tracks value growth over time. You will be able to see exactly what impact your program has on increasing product and value.

The rules of engagement:

The process of turning a lead into a sale has changed, and now marketing can influence a greater portion of the process. Using Connect365, our clients can increase the steps of engaging leads and track each conversation into sales.


Download our white paper on marketing automation.