Our Connect365 system delivers a complete solution for marketing automation nurturing leads to sales through a variety of trigger-based activity. Connect365 can replace manual processes within your business from the simplest tasks such as compliance requirements when joining through to complex sales nurturing.

If you are looking to get more from your data, then Unpuzzle’s analytics team can assist you in developing a suite of reporting products that are tailored to your businesses goals and objectives. Our approach to analytics is there is not one box that fits every business, therefore taking a consultative approach to your reporting needs. Whatever your industry, we turn data into an objective that enable management to monitor and measure from board level through to operations.

Growing your customer base is important, and just as important is making sure you enhance every customers relationship with your business. Understanding the sales process and the buyer’s behaviour enables us to develop a clear road map to increasing customer value and loyalty. Our Advantage system enhances your service commitment by delivering relevant and timely leads to your front-line service staff and improves success by monitoring and measuring activity. With clients achieving up to 40% success rates in engagement activity and increases of up to 20% in customer value, Advantage is a valuable tool for your business.

Our digital marketing team supports our overall objective to deliver highly engaging activity to your customers. With such a large proportion of customers using digital channels to engage with your business, our solutions-based approach compliments both our Advantage and Connect365 platforms.

Enhance your efforts by developing a brand that will enable you to stand out in what seems an endless supply of choice to your customers. Building a brand is more than just a logo, it is the core of your message, the essence of your business. Unpuzzle’s approach to your brand challenge starts with a complete review of your business to understand what sits at the foundation of your message.