Unpuzzle Advantage

Unpuzzle Advantage is a bespoke CRM designed for the mutual banking industry. Designed to deliver leads to your sales and retention teams, Advantage has a proven range of triggers that will help increase your customer value.

Built for Financial Services
Generates leads daily
Integrates with Banking Systems
Track Leads Through Sales Process
Fully Automated Lead Process
Set KPIs & Goals
Report on Outcomes & Lead Management
Bespoke Leads or Proven Solutions

Customer Engagement:

We are in the people business. Customer engagement is the emotional connection that your customers have with your brand. Unpuzzle Advantage provides daily tasks to your customer team to enhance the engagement of your customers.

Consistently providing increased customer satisfaction, customer retention and increased Nett promoter outcomes, Unpuzzle Advantage provides and tracks opportunities within your business.

Unpuzzle Advantage works hand in hand with Unpuzzle Connect, managing your sales team’s KPIs and delivering a structured outbound call program.

Unpuzzle Advantage can be tailored to your business objectives, whether you are trying to enhance the service offering, or increase the sales from your existing customer base, Unpuzzle Advantage provides proven process drive solution to your business.