Unpuzzle Data Insight

Need to know more? How do we track success and manage change? What sort of insights can we use to make important business decisions? Our Analytics Team have created thousands of dashboards and reports to help our clients understand their data.

Unpuzzle Insights

Inside every business is the data and intelligence needed to drive better decision making. Unpuzzle brings this data together and tailors a solution specific to the needs of your business. Our business intelligence team works with our clients to create a platform of reporting to enable every level of the business to understand their clear goals and objectives to assist in the day to day management.

It doesn’t stop at the why, we help with the how.

With years of experience in financial services, insurance, manufacturing and product management, our business intelligence team develop the reporting elements to your strategy and assists your management team on how to introduce the structure into your business.

Our BI consultancy model will deliver results to your business:


We can take data from multiple sources to create a single customer frame work. Static data, transactional data and third party data, brought together to provide intelligent insights into your customers. Our model is developed and stored in your environment, providing a secure and trusted platform for your most important asset.


Our suite of fully custom reports are designed to provide your team insight into the everyday running of your business. From financial control, to sales and marketing, our reporting framework has extensive purpose with both visual, spatial mapping, dashboard and self-service reporting available.


What is going to happen next? Our propensity modelling identifies many opportunities within your current customer base and creates a framework for acquiring new customers. Our tracking services ensure that your business moves with your customers expectations.


We don’t stop at what you know, we have introduced an additional layer to business intelligence through our Health Monitor solution. Focusing on three key areas of your business including customer satisfaction, product satisfaction and net promoter, our research frame-work provides deeper insight into the psyche of your customers.