Unpuzzle Connect

Unpuzzle Connect is our cloud based customer engagement platform. Using channels such as email, sms, social and chat, Unpuzzle Connect will automate your Marketing strategy to ensure you reach the right customer at the right time.
Multi Channel Automation
Bulk Campaign Email Delivery
Campaign Landing Pages
Drag and Drop Email and Page Editor
Email/SMS API for Automation
Personal Landing Pages
Bulk Campaign SMS Delivery
Social Media Integration

Marketing Automation:

Marketing automation relates to software that makes everyday tasks easier. Marketing automation can help your business switch on ‘Always Marketing’ an event based communication process. Marketing automation takes an every day task and turns it into a strategic marketing process. Australian marketing automation software is designed to make process driven marketing easy by using technology to replace the need to manually send campaigns.

To begin marketing automation, you need to have a process in your business that can be automated. Looking at how you onboard your customers is a great place to start with Marketing Automation. Using tools such as email, sms and messenger, Unpuzzle Connect can help you build a marketing automation process that will guide your customers through the onboarding process.

Marketing automation is a great way to enhance your customer experience in a number of industries including:

  • Marketing automation in the finance and banking industry
  • Marketing automation in telecommunications industry
  • Marketing automation in insurance industry
  • Marketing automation for sales and real estate
  • Marketing automation for the disability services sector

Unpuzzle Connect will enhance your marketing automation by connecting to your core system through our cloud based API solution, or through our enterprise solution. Once your marketing automation process is created, Unpuzzle Connect will deliver your designed communications automatically.

Unpuzzle Connect has a complete range of reporting to assist in understanding the success of your marketing automation. From campaign monitoring through to detailed lists of customer interactions, Unpuzzle Connect will enhance your marketing automation experience.