Unpuzzle Chatbot

Unpuzzle provide bespoke chatbot solutions to a variety of industries including retail, finance, real estate and disability services. We work with our clients to create a solution specific to their business needs. Our chatbot has enhanced features, enabling full AI integration and live operator hand off.
Customised to your business
Generates leads daily
Cloud based, factor two security
Data collection including forms
Integrate with social platforms messenger
Artificial intelligence and live operator features
Complete reporting features
Australian based data centre

Unpuzzle Chatbot

Unpuzzle creates customised chatbots for a variety of industries including:

– Chatbots for financial services industry
– Chatbot for the disability services sector
– Chatbot for real estate industry
– Chatbot for education sector
– Chatbot for government agencies

Adding a chatbot to your website enhances the customer experience by giving users instant access to relevant information. Over 97% of conversations conducted through our chatbots are handled by our industry leading artificial intelligence system. Being able to hand off to your team is simple through our web-based integration platform. Security is paramount to our solution which is why all Unpuzzle solutions are housed in Australian data centres in Sydney and Melbourne.

Want to add a form to your chatbot?

Capture your important information in a way that is natural to a user by adding a form to your chatbot. Lead generation, call back requests, survey data are all options in our customised chatbot service. Collect the data and automatically share it with your team through a universal email address, or allow for download in a secure portal.

Want to use the same brain across multiple platforms?

Once we have created a brain for your business, we can utilise the brain across multiple chat platforms such as Facebook messenger and Instagram. Simply add your chatbot to your social business page through our integration process. Once added, our chatbot will be your first line responder, giving you peace of mind that even late-night enquiries will be handled instantly